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Each person pursuing any trade, profession, vocation, calling or business should complete the appropriate Occupational License forms for each municipality or parish in which he/she maintains a business location. Click here to view a City Zoning Map.

Each person is required to keep reasonable records. Separate records are required for each place of business.

For legal clarification of tax liabilities and filing requirements, refer to Chapter 3 of Title 47 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950.

Business Structures

Individual or Sole Proprietorship: A business where only you, or your spouse, own the business even thought you may have employees.

Partnership: A business where two or more people own the business jointly.

Corporation: A business which is treated by law as an entity. It has a life separate from its owners or stockholders. Many corporations begin as a sole proprietor or partnership.

Limited Liability Corporation: An entity that is an unincorporated association having one or more members organized and filing articles with the Secretary of State.

Foreign Corporation: A corporation organized outside the state may obtain a certificate of authority to transact business in Louisiana by filing an application with the Secretary of State's Corporation Division by appointing a registered agent to accept service of process. For more information: SSCD 225-925-4704

Any questions should be directed to the Business License Department.

Starting a New Business

Links for Businesses